room finder

Project Description

The project was set out to design and create a room finding web application by using an interactive map to provide navigation aid from one location to another. By creating an interactive map of the Q block at UWE’s Frenchay campus the projects aim was to learn more about the technologies behind interactive maps. To do this by building a web application that stores the relevant data required and processes the data systematically for scalability and future integration of other buildings or campuses. The interactive map design started with inspiration from Google and Bing maps to view an area and display routes.

It is common knowledge to students and staff at UWE that Q block can be a most complicated building to navigate, so Q block was the focus building for the interactive map because the building can be quite confusing to navigate and rooms sometimes difficult to find. This building was the ideal starting point

for a navigational aid system. The application has been aimed primarily for first year students and visitors who’ve spent little or no time on campus and require navigational aid from one location to another. This application may be important for students who wish to get to classrooms on time without frustratingly navigating around complicated building layouts.

The locations people would expect to travel from would be main entrances to the Q block building or from classrooms that people will be attending. The places people expect to find would be classrooms or staffrooms, points of interest such as the information point, the café or IT helpdesk and also generic points of interest such as the nearest toilets or exits from the Q block building. Accessible routes have also been an important feature to include in the application to provide routes accessible to all students.