Project Description

The project was to build a hybrid mobile directory application for Alaba International market district in Lagos, Nigeria. The aim of service was to provide an online portal for the local businesses to display information, in order to reach an online audience and gain more exposure. Secondary purpose was to provide an account management system for the application users.

Methods of planning include a PACT analysis (People Actions Context Technology) through interviews and observations, competitor analyses, proto personas, user scenarios, screen flow diagrams, wireframes and functional specifications. All planning documents can be found in the appendices. Methods of development include applying a user-centred design process, researching online for key components of systems such as user management and customer feedback, and also for solutions to problems experienced during development. Other methods include porting the web application to mobile applications, through the use of Adobe PhoneGap Build and conducting a user testing in the form of a walkthrough, with local users.

Results of development showed areas of improvement in password security and image handling, which solutions were researched and implemented. Results of the user testing revealed errors in geocoding of addresses, display issues in older browsers and a start-up glitch in the PhoneGap application.

The report finds the developed application capable of solving the target design problems set out from the project proposal and in the future, able to provide value in other areas such as providing geological information of the district.

Several ideas for future development are suggested including developing an Application Programming Interface (API), a list view for search results and additional display information. Efficient planning and time management, combined with clear requirement specifications allowed for fluid development, with all outlined project objectives successfully implemented.