Project Description

This project researched and developed a solution to designing full scale websites that are navigable on the z-axis. This solution was proposed to be a JavaScript library called Zed.js. Zed.js would enable developers to change the layout of existing projects to push sectioned page content behind each other on the z-axis. Navigation through content would then be initiated via menu item click or mouse scroll. However, during development the library became too verbose and future extensibility of Zed.js was a concern. This led development to explore the jQuery library and refactoring Zed.js as a plug-in.

As the proposed solution to web design is a relatively new concept, this project adopted a reflective agile approach through an iterative process. The mission statement for the web store was to present my ‘BitHarshOnDale’ brand to the world of street culture while impacting heavily on the urban clothing, and high-end fashion industry. Two important features of the E-commerce site were vital in making the web store fully functional and successful.  Firstly develop a catalogue to house the clothing stock within the site, and the other was to

of extreme programming, test driven design and analysis. Each cycle provided new insight, experience and exploration of resolving issues from different perspectives.

This approach led to a reflective learning process throughout this project and provided a broader knowledge and understanding in the areas of research, project management and object orientated development. Development is still aware of minor issues with the plug-in, however, this project was able to successfully provide developers with a solution to designing websites on the z-axis and has made recommendations for further development. This project has also successfully met all the proposed learning objectives and potentially contributed to a future web trend.