Project Description

This project is about a web application designed to provide map re- sources for players of the video game “Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward”. The project is built using the open source Leaflet JavaScript library and supported by an SQL database which stores the information to be displayed on the maps. I decided there was a need to create this based on my research of existing sources for this information and their lack of visual impact. I believed display- ing information in a clear and recognisable way via use of map markers would be beneficial to people trying to find and use said information.

Throughout the build of the application I was continually learning new tech- niques to

achieve the end results I wanted of a map interface that was clear and intuitive. I put much consideration into the design to make sure it was as pol- ished as possible.

Once complete I shared the site with members of the game’s community via fo- rums and the response was very positive with many of them being appreciative of my idea and the efforts I had gone to. Suggestions for additions were also provided which I can use to continue work on the site going forward.