Grubs Up

Project Description

The focus of this project was to create a recipe finder website, aimed at University students who are living away from home. The objective was to provide a place to help students find suitable recipes which were enjoyable to cook.

To ensure a good user experience, a user-centred approach was followed in order to achieve a successful outcome. This involved gaining feedback at different stages of the project, to guarantee the needs of the students were met.

There were essential features which needed to be included on the website. In particular the search component, allowing users to save favourite recipes and creating a user login. To be able to develop these elements, back-end development was therefore required. I chose PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (Structured Query Language) due to having previous experience in using them together and also felt they would be suited to the project.

Although the outcome has been successful, I have several ideas for further development, which has been based on user feedback. This includes developing the search component, by adding additional functionalities, such as being able to filter the search results. Another development would be introducing video tutorials for some of the recipes. This would ensure enough guidance is available for less experienced cooks. Finally, allowing users to recommend or rate recipes would be a useful feature, as is already popular in existing recipe websites.

Project planning and management was crucial throughout the project, to ensure the deliverables and deadlines were met. It helped to outline the key stages of the project and different resources required. Reviewing the plan during the project was also vital, as it allowed for the project to run successfully.