Bit Harsh On Dale_alt

Project Description

The project was to create a fully responsive E-commerce site that allows users to purchase garments from a full range inventory housed within a dynamic, contemporary and interactive environment. The primary purpose for developing the website was to utilize virtual space to interactively monitor sakes and add items to my ever-growing stock. The secondary purpose was to market my brand, which was being refurbished and properly developed in conjunction with the E-commerce website.

The mission statement for the web store was to present my ‘BitHarshOnDale’ brand to the world of street culture while impacting heavily on the urban clothing, and high-end fashion industry. Two important features of the E-commerce site were vital in making the web store fully functional and successful.  Firstly develop a catalogue to house the clothing stock within the site, and the other was to

enable users to successfully add items to the cart and checkout via PayPal payment. This task was completed by accessing PayPal’s developer portal to create a sandbox[2014] account to virtually test my E-commerce sites checkout process. These accounts represent the user entities that partake in the mock transactions created when running an application in the test phase to test how online payments are processed. Two test accounts were created to represent the transactions generated with the PayPal APIs, one Business account to test selling and one Personal to test buying, all virtually using sandbox payment testing.

The site as a whole is complete however one main feature that was stated in my research report unfortunately proved difficult to complete. This was the interactive virtual dressing room feature, which was intended to enable users to virtually try on clothes.