Project Description

This report investigates the Nebula e-learning authoring and publishing system developed as part of the Creative Technologies Project for an undergraduate degree course, in partnership with an e-learning design agency. The report gives an overview of the research and work undertaken during the project, how the project was completed and what can be drawn from the project for its future development and for the work of others.

The research part of the project involved investigating the issues in current e- learning material being created in industry and what could be done to improve these offerings for both the authors and the learners.

Research was conducted via interviewing e-learning professionals and secondary research into web technologies and methodologies that could be utilised by e-learning, as well as user experience design and instructional science principles that could be applied to e-learning content.

The technical development of the project demonstrates that modern web development tools can be applied to e-learning to improve effectiveness, in particular that Javascript is a suitable language to use across front- and back-end systems. This was achieved by building a Javascript based system for authoring and publishing e- learning content in realtime and in a format suitable for multiple platforms, in particular mobile devices.